Digital X-ray Services

X-rays allow us to get a better picture of your horse’s internal organs and bones. Our veterinary team uses digital X-ray technology to effectively examine what’s happening inside your horse’s body and capture images in a timely manner. If you have questions about our X-ray procedure, please contact us at (705) 753-0324.

What is a digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays use electromagnetic energy to generate images of your horse’s soft tissues on a monitor. The image is available in a few minutes, which helps us diagnose health issues more effectively. Horses need to be completely still to help us capture the most accurate image of their body, which could mean sedation or anesthesia. If your horse has lameness issues, tooth root abscess or a tooth fracture, our X-rays can help with their diagnosis. After a diagnosis is made, we share the images with you in real-time and review the results in more detail with one of our veterinarians. 

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