Deworming Schedule

It’s important for our veterinary team to stay up-to-date with all the advancements in modern equine medicine. One of these is tailoring your horse’s deworming schedule to their specific needs. Deworming not only removes any harmful parasites taking up residence inside them but also limits other horses’ exposure to potentially harmful illnesses. 

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Should my horse be dewormed every four months?

Our current deworming process includes assessing your horse’s worm count so we can tailor their deworming program to meet their specific needs. Since no two horses are infected by parasites in the same way, the number of worms inside them will impact how often they need to take deworming medication. We’ll do a fecal analysis of their manure to determine how high their worm count is as well as which treatment will work best. There are a few types of deworming medication, some taken orally, which can remove intestinal parasites. 

Are parasites preventable?

Ensuring your pet has a parasite control plan is the best way to protect them against the range of harmful parasites that target them. Since parasites can be transmitted through your horse’s manure, regularly remove it from their paddocks at least twice a week. If you have any questions about the deworming process, please contact us at (705) 753-0324.

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