Equine Dentistry Services

Regular checkups ensure your horse’s teeth stay in good health. It also allows us to determine if any additional steps need to be taken to address issues like gum disease or fractured teeth. As your horse’s teeth continue to grow throughout the different stages of their lives, checkups help us to stay up-to-date with any changes. 

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What type of dentistry do you perform?

Wild horses are capable of maintaining their pearly whites without the help of humans. However, domestication has changed their feeding patterns, also altering the amount of time they spend chewing as well as the health of their teeth. Our veterinary team performs floating to remove potentially harmful sharp points and edges from their cheek teeth, using a Power Float under sedation.

We recommend regular dental checkups to ensure your horse’s teeth are healthy. The process typically takes 15-20 minutes and is usually done at the same time as their routine vaccinations. Your horse may need to be sedated if it helps ease any anxieties or make them more comfortable. We also support your horse to treat any developmental abnormalities, fractured teeth, cheek tooth infections and gum disease. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (705) 753-0324. 

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