Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Vaccinations are an important part of maintaining your pet’s health. They protect against a range of diseases and infections that would otherwise be detrimental to your pet’s health. Based on their age and risk of contracting certain diseases, we’ll develop a vaccine plan to suit their needs. If you’re interested in creating a vaccine plan, please contact us at 705-753-0324.

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How do you decide which vaccines my pet gets?

Vaccines are separated into two categories, core and non-core. Core vaccines are essential vaccinations we recommend, as part of your pet’s preventive healthcare regimen. Non-core vaccines are given, based on your pet’s risk of contracting a certain disease. Vaccines work by prompting your pet’s body to generate antibodies to help fight against a disease. When they come in contact with it, they’ll either be fully protected against the disease or have mild symptoms. Your pet’s age will also determine which vaccines they get. Kittens don’t need vaccines until their 6th week because antibodies from their mother helps protect them against infection. After that, they’ll receive the first sets of vaccines as well as boosters when they’re adults. 

Which core vaccines do you recommend?

We highly recommend kittens get vaccinated against: 

  • Rabies: A fatal and highly infectious neurological disease 
  • Panleukopenia (distemper): A highly contagious viral infection 

Which non-core vaccines do you recommend?

Depending on your cat’s risk, we may also advise vaccinating them against: 

  • Feline leukemia virus (FeLV): A disease targeting you pet’s immune system 
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV): A disease that leads to a compromised immune system

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