Surgical Services

Our veterinary team performs a range of surgical services, from routine to advanced procedures. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, we’ll refer you to a board-certified veterinary surgeon who is better equipped with tools and training to ensure your pet has the best possible outcome. 

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What happens before surgery?

Before your pet’s procedure, we’ll do a thorough breakdown so you’ll know what will happen while they’re on the operating table. Your pet will also have a physical exam and bloodwork to ensure they’ll respond well to the surgery. If they need anesthesia, pre-anesthetic bloodwork ensures your pet’s body will handle the medication well and we can address any abnormalities that could impact the procedure. For example, if your pet’s lab results show they’re dehydrated, we’ll give them IV fluids before the anesthesia to ensure they’ll respond to the medication well.

How do you ensure my pet’s safety?

After the pre-surgery exam and testing, our veterinary team may decide it’s too risky to do the procedure, so it’s postponed until our concerns can be addressed. Your pet is only cleared for surgery when we know it is safe to proceed as planned. Sometimes we’ll make adjustments to the surgical plan to make the procedure less risky, like using a different type of anesthetic, administering pre-surgical antibiotics, giving intravenous fluids, or referring your pet to a specialty hospital. If you have questions about an upcoming procedure, you can contact 705-753-0324.

What happens during surgery?

We try our best to limit the possibility for complications by performing pre-surgery testing that will indicate whether or not your pet is a good candidate for the procedure. We closely follow our tried and true procedures to ensure your pet has a safe surgery. During surgery, a veterinary technician will be responsible for monitoring your pet’s vitals so we can act quickly if there are any sudden changes. Our veterinarians have performed countless successful surgeries and will treat your pet with the utmost care to ensure their procedure is executed well. After the procedure, we’ll go over your pet’s postoperative plan, including pain management. 

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