We want to help your pet age gracefully into their golden years. As your pet ages, there are changes you’ll notice in their daily habits. They could walk a little slower or spend more time doing tasks like walking down stairs or eating their food. As pet owners, it’s important for you to adjust the care you’re giving them to meet their current needs. 

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When is my pet considered old?

The old saying that a dog’s year is worth 7 human years isn’t the most accurate measure of time. It is difficult to exactly determine your furry friend’s age in human years, since breed size and lifespans vary. However, most pets start aging when they’ve reached around 75% of their lifespan, which could be anywhere from 7-10 years old. As your pet ages, you could notice subtle changes in their behaviour or health that seem more obvious overtime. If you have any concerns about your senior pet, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 705-753-0324.

Why is my pet more likely to develop diseases as they age?

As your pet ages, changes in the body make them more susceptible to certain diseases. Though it’s not inevitable that your pet will be sick in their old age, bodily changes can affect them in the following ways: 

  • Impaired vision and hearing can make your pet more reactive or anxious  
  • Reduced energy levels can cause obesity 
  • Weight gain can cause arthritic pain and stiffness when moving around
  • Decline in cognitive function can cause behavioral changes, similar to dementia 
  • Decline in immune function can reduce your pet’s ability to fight infections 

How should I care for my senior pet?

The goal is to ensure your furry friend maintains the best quality of life. Pay close attention to and document subtle changes, which could be an early sign of health issues. You can share these observations during their bi-annual wellness check. For example, make note of any changes in your pet’s energy levels, like if they’re taking longer to do their daily physical activity. Play with your pet often to keep their minds engaged. Also, install mobility aids to help them move around your home with more ease as well as make things they reach often for, like water or food, more accessible. 

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