Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling allows us to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions about your pet’s diet. There is an overwhelming amount of information available about your pet’s food and it can be hard to know what to trust. Our veterinary team can give you expert advice, based on your pet’s individual needs, to make sure their nutrition needs are met. 

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What is nutrition counselling?

As a pet owner, it can be difficult to know exactly what to feed your pet. You are bombarded with a variety of pet food brands and products, all promising different things. We’ll determine your pet’s dietary needs and outline the key nutrients they need to have a balanced diet. Our veterinary team will assess your pet’s current diet and address any gaps based on their overall health. We’ll ask about their feeding schedule, eating habits and activity levels to determine their nutritional needs.

How do I read pet food labels?

Pet food labels can be misleading if you’re not sure how to read them. The ingredients are sorted in descending order, with the ones with the highest quantity listed first. The words on the label can also be deceptive, telling half truths about your pet’s food. For example, labels that say “no preservative added,” don’t necessarily mean there aren’t any in your pet’s food. It means that when the food was manufactured, none were added. However, a manufacturer’s supplier could’ve added some. If you’re trying to avoid preservatives, “preservative-free” is what you should look out for on labels. Preservative-free food will often have an extremely short shelf life unless it is kept frozen.

Can I feed my pet home-prepared meals?

If you choose to feed your pet home-prepared meals, it’s important to ensure your pet is getting all the key nutrients they need to maintain their health. If you consult our veterinary team during your appointment, we can look at the diet recipes you use to make your pet’s food and give guidance on any nutrient deficiencies or excesses we notice. If you’re interested in booking a nutrition counselling appointment, please contact us at 705-753-0324.

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