Microchips are rice grain-sized devices that give your pet permanent identification. Tags on their own aren’t reliable pet ID since they can be removed, break or your information can wear off overtime. If your pet gets lost, microchipping gives you the peace of my mind that you have tools in place to help them return home to you. 

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What is a microchip?

Microchips are tiny devices also known as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags because they transmit radio frequency detectable with a handheld scanner. They passively store a unique identification number and do not actively transmit any information. It’s not like a GPS that would give information about your pet’s name or location in real time. It doesn’t use a battery or power source, and is only activated by a microchip scanner. Unlike other forms of pet ID, microchips can’t be tampered with once implanted. 

How is it implanted in my pet?

We use a small needle to place the microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades. The implantation only takes a few moments and is relatively pain-free. Most pets sit still throughout the process, barely even flinching. The chips are usually inserted without any issues, even for the tiniest pets. Some pet parents opt to wait until their pet is under anesthesia while being spayed or neutered for the chip to be implanted. However, this isn’t necessary and the microchip can be implanted anytime that’s convenient for you. After it’s implanted, we’ll scan your pet to ensure the chip is reading properly. 

What happens after it’s implanted?

After the microchip is implanted, the next important step is registering your pet in a pet recovery database. This database houses your contact information so when your pet’s microchip is scanned, shelter staff or veterinary team can retrieve it. It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date because without it, it will be difficult to reunite you with your furry friend. If you’re interested in a microchip for your pet, please contact us at 705-753-0324.

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